• Currently, KAAB, a corporate group specialized in investment, development, and construction, is driving Axis, a set of strategically located Industrial Parks in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone, Jalisco. Primarily focused on logistics, technology, and manufacturing companies.
  • The set of Industrial Parks is divided into 3 stages, with the capacity to accommodate over 70 companies in warehouses ranging from 1,200 m2 to 50,000 m2, suitable for small and large companies to operate.
  • KAAB’s goal is for Axis to be a set of Industrial Parks where a diverse and collaborative ecosystem can be created, going beyond being just an industrial park.
  • It stands out as a place where innovation, collaboration, and progress converge, suggesting an environment conducive to technological development and collaboration among companies.


Birth of KAAB Group


Generated Housing Units


Presence in Jalisco and Los Cabos


Developed Industrial Parks


At AXIS, our mission is simple yet powerful: to facilitate excellence in supply chain management for our clients. We are committed to providing cutting-edge logistics solutions that drive the success of their operations and enable sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive market.


Our vision is to be recognized as the preferred strategic partner in global logistics management. We want to be the industry’s reference company, standing out for our innovation, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. We strive to lead the industry with creative and sustainable solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Integrity underpins strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees. We constantly strive for excellence in technology and human development. We encourage collaboration across all areas and assume social responsibility through ethical and sustainable practices to contribute to social and environmental well-being. These are the values that drive Axis.

Our Founders

Their Vision

From my position as a partner at AXIS Industrial Parks, I am proud to present our strategically located ecosystem in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone (ZMG), Jalisco. We focus on logistics, technology, and manufacturing companies. In summary, AXIS is a complete industrial ecosystem in Guadalajara designed to enhance the success of your business.


As a co-founder of AXIS Industrial Parks, I am excited to share that our development is divided into 3 stages. With the capacity for over 70 companies, we offer warehouses ranging from 1,200 m2 to 50,000 m2, providing an ideal space for both small and large companies to operate.


As the visionary founder of AXIS Industrial Parks, we created this space to promote excellence in manufacturing and technology. Here, leading companies in technology, electronics, logistics, and advanced manufacturing find their home. Our vision is to create a diverse and collaborative business environment, stimulating innovation and shared success.


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